Program Administration


During the course of the 2-year programme, fellows will receive a stipend paid through the sponsoring Department of Health or organization that nominated the fellow. Bursaries/stipends may be available for fellows fulfilling predefined criteria, which are not currently employed by the Department of Health or other public health organization in South Africa.

Travel Subsidies

When a SA FELTP fellow is required to travel for a programme supported public health activity such as a multi-area outbreak investigation, national or international conference, etc., the fellow should use the following guidelines whenever possible:

  • Complete and submit a travel authorization form to the SAFELTP office at NICD.
  • Once you have received approval for travel from the SAFELTP office, contact the Rosebank Travel Agency to make flight and accommodation arrangements as needed.
  • NOTE: Fellows should make every attempt to obtain the lowest fare/rate possible for airline reservations and accommodations. It may be helpful to ask if there is a government fare/rate available when making the reservations.
  • After the trip has been completed, submit an expense report to the SAFELTP office for reimbursement or payment, depending upon whether the expenses exceeded advances or not.


University Fees

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