Professor Lucille Blumberg recieves the SAMRC Special Award


The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) congratulates Professor Lucille Blumberg on her South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) Special Award which recognises her staunch work in keeping the public protected from infectious disease.

The SAMRC runs an annual Scientific Merit Awards programme that recognises outstanding contributions to health research in South Africa by local and international scientists. There are three main award categories, Silver for achievements by emerging scientists, Gold for achievements by established scientists and Platinum for exceptional achievements by seasoned scientists.

Professor Blumberg’s work has been very instrumental in helping not only understand but strengthen efforts towards the fight against tropical diseases, malaria, the viral haemorrhagic fevers, rabies and diphtheria to name a few. Her outstanding research and contribution in the abovementioned areas have been of critical importance in academia, infectious disease surveillance and response, and the epitome of sustainable groundbreaking research.

The Special Award honours an esteemed scientist for extraordinary contributions to health research. The recipient is nominated by the SAMRC President and endorsed by the SAMRC Board. We wish to extend our gratitude in honouring her contributions to health research.