More Tests On Microbicide Gel


A large follow-up clinical trial to confirm the encouraging result
last year of a small study that tested an antiretroviral-based
microbicide gel, which showed that it could reduce HIV
infection in women by almost 40%, is due to begin in a few
weeks. Dubbed the FACTS 001 study, the clinical trial seeks to
expand on the findings last year of an initial Phase IIb study,
CAPRISA 004, which investigated the concept of using a
product for Aids treatment in HIV prevention. Testing an
antiretroviral drug known as Tenofovir in a microbicidal gel
formulation among 900 women, where half received the actual
study gel and the other a gel not containing Tenofovir, the
study found that the product can reduce HIV infection by 39%
when used before and after sex.