Measles Information For Private Vaccinators


Should private sector vaccinators participate in the campaign?

Yes, private sector vaccinators are encouraged to participate in the campaign. The aim is to reach >95% of the targeted age group, which requires participation by private sector. The Department of Health does plan to visit private crèches, nursery schools and schools to offer free, convenient vaccination points, but the timetable is not yet finalised.

Can private vaccinators access free vaccine stocks from Department of Health?

Yes, private vaccinators can request stock of measles vaccine from their EPI district coordinator. In addition they will be given the tally sheets required to include their statistics into the national coverage figures. The contact details are given below.

Are there special considerations when using the measles vaccine from Department of Health?

Yes, the measles vaccine in use is given subcutaneously.
The vaccine must be given on its own. No other vaccine must be given at the same time.
It should not be administered within 4 weeks of any other vaccine.

Can private vaccinators participate in the campaign using their routine private vaccines?

Private vaccinators can use their routine private vaccines, but these will not be included in the coverage statistics for the campaign. Also this will necessitate charging the patient, while the Department of Health vaccine is free of charge.

If I know my patients are up to date with their vaccination schedule, why should they be revaccinated?

The most important thing is to check that patients are up to date with their routine schedule. The reason why vaccinated children are included in the campaign is that the routine schedule is approximately 95% effective, which means that 95 of every 100 children will be protected. The remaining 5 would benefit from a booster dose. The other reason they are included is so that the target of >95% population coverage can be reached. This figure is important when the quality of the mass campaign is assessed by external bodies, such as the World Health Organisation.

What are the contact details for EPI coordinators:

EPI district coordinators can assist with vaccines ,tally sheets consent forms ,Campaign Field Guide and daily summary sheets and make the arrangements for the collection of the stats.

Gauteng Province:

  • Ekurhuleni District-Theodora Moloto 082 413 8110
  • Motshidisi Moleleki 082 337 9761
  • Johannesburg District – Lerato Watson 071 249 4190
  • Mary Daka  082553 7118
  • West Rand District – Yolandie Luther 082 837 5655 / 083 500 2915
  • Tshwane District – Rina Van Der Gryp 082895 7318
  • Mpho Moshime 082 452 5707
  • Sedibeng District – Joyce Malimabe 082 780 8542

For EPI coordinator details for other provinces, please click: National contact details EPI managers 2017

Where can I get more information?

To join a network of private vaccinators, please email

Frequently asked questions about the measles mass campaign please click here.

For information on the measles outbreak, please subscribe to the NICD communiqué by emailing

For archived communication on the measles outbreak please click here.

For a downloadable information booklet on vaccines for mothers and caregivers, please click here.