In line with the mandate of the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), the Centre for Tuberculosis (CTB) conducts laboratory-based public health surveillance of TB in South Africa, serves as a National TB reference laboratory (NTBRL) and participates in microbiology and epidemiology-oriented training programmes. The CTB also initiates applied public health research aimed at providing enhanced intelligence on the drivers and protective factors that underlie the TB epidemic in South Africa. It furthermore advises and works closely with the Department of Health (DoH) on strategic planning and assists with policy and guideline formulation concerning the diagnosis and treatment of TB in South Africa. Global policies and guidelines are initiated through the World Health Organization (WHO) and their formulation has included representation from the CTB which assisted in developing these strategic documents.

Schematic overview of centre activities

Centre Leadership Team

Dr Nazir Ismail – Centre Head

Staff contact information

Name Role  Contact Number Email address
Nazir Ismail Head of Department 011 885 5321
Ria de Villiers Administrator 011 885 5309
Queen Motaung Secretary 011 885 5317
Farzana Ismail Pathologist : NTBRL/SRLN 011 885 5323
Cecilia de Abreu Laboratory Manager : NTBRL/SRLN 011 885 5316
Shaheed Vally Omar Scientific Lead 011 885 5345
 Halima Said Scientist : Molecular Epidemiology 011 885 5301
Lavania Joseph Scientist : Whole Genome Sequencing 011 885 5312
 Linsay Blows Data Analysis and Mathematical Modelling  011 885 5311
 Judith Mwansa-Kambafwile Epidemiologist: Survey and Population Research 011 885 5426