Enteric Diseases

Mission: To provide specialized diagnostics, relevant data and expertise in diarrhoeal diseases

The Centre for Enteric Diseases (CED) focuses on surveillance and public health-focused research of pathogens associated with diarrhoea and enteric fevers, and actively assists with the investigation and response to enteric disease outbreaks (including food- and water-borne disease outbreaks). The centre provides specialised reference laboratory testing for enteric bacteria and viruses, including potential causes of food- and waterborne outbreaks. It is a source of strategic data, technical support and policy advice to the South African Department of Health and other major stakeholders, and contributes its expertise towards strengthening outbreak preparedness and response to public health emergencies in line with International Health Regulations. The CED actively engages in teaching and training of healthcare professionals and medical trainees.


Centre management team 

Name Position Office number Email address
Juno Thomas Head of Centre 011 555 0439 junot@nicd.ac.za


Nicola Page Medical Scientist: Virology Laboratory 011 555 0370 nicolap@nicd.ac.za
Anthony Smith Medical Scientist: Bacteriology Laboratory 011 555 0348 anthonys@nicd.ac.za
Mimmy Ngomane Laboratory Manager (Bacteriology) 011 386 6235 mimmyn@nicd.ac.za
Ntsieni Ramalwa Centre Epidemiologist 011 555 0371 ntsienir@nicd.ac.za
Mzikazi Dickmolo Centre Administrator 011 386 6477 mzikazid@nicd.ac.za